Workers Compensation FAQs

We provide comprehensive services to help injured workers of this State recover the benefits they are entitled to under the law .

Yes and no. The employer/insurer may mandate you see its medical provider for the first 28 days after injury. You are then free to select a treating physician of your choice.

You are certainly entitled to reimbursement for travel expenses. You are entitled to payment for services provided by your spouse or other family members if they are beyond normal household duties. Generally, things that a home attendant caregiver would provide are compensable.

No, if an employer terminates you for pursing a workers compensation claim, the law provides a remedy as you would be entitled to bring a suit against your employer for wrongful termination / retaliatory discharge.

No, the law provides for only certain types of benefits, including medical benefits, income replacement benefits, and specific loss and death benefits.

Michigan has what is called the two year back rule, which means that benefits cannot be collected for a period of time earlier than the 2 years immediately preceding the date the injured employee files and application for hearing.